Bertrand Russell Questions

1. One of the meanings in this complex quote tells the reader that the happy life has the same type of experience equal to the good life. This statement tells the reader that attaining a happy life will give you joys like a good life as well.  This statement could have more inferences but the important ones that were stated earlier. he’s saying the happy life is different from the good life this statement is a paradox since he thinks that being selfish towards others is a happy life. He thinks that the happy person can also feel apart of the world which does feel extraordinary as well as feeling the joys the world has to offer and it’s understandable if it’s extraordinary that you aren’t pitted against anyone. A problem free life does attain happiness. Besides this, he thinks that being “good” will not give you the happiness that he describes  because according to his excerpt, he’s saying that being a “good” guy makes himself unhappy because there is a lack of disintegration within the self and even the mind probably because you’re focused on keeping someone happy which he believes will make yourself unhappy. So, in other words he says being an altruist(someone who is selfless) who would save that man that he used in his somewhat scenario will be an unhappy man and a “worse” man than that person already is. This is where his statement shows its paradoxical logic.  He also considers that you should be selfish but to a point which is implied through the second paragraph of the excerpt.  This is statement where he says in other words that when you see someone in need of help you should call someone else to do it to keep your happiness instead of being in danger of losing it.This shows he prefers a selfish lifestyle since due to him it keeps his happiness of course and is opposing altruism. This in fact is completely false and more notably paradoxical because being selfish not only makes others feel anger or pain, it can make you a public enemy, and it basically makes you the inverse of the a happy life. In addition to this an altruist lifestyle which he describes as a good life that you should evade so where is this extraordinary extent that he speaks of? This life can also lead to other instances in life like being lonely which can cause suicidal thoughts and also lead someone to kill you. There are many other possibilities in this lifestyle of non altruism, generally they all guarantee the chance to subside the possibility of having a happy life. This isn’t extraordinary at all, this shows the paradoxical evidence even more. His definition of the good life has yet to be found since good is a vague word in this matter he needs specificity to clarify a good life. Whatever it is it is still the contradictory paradox that it will stay.

5. His simile is ineffective since he’s saying through this an altruist is unhappy. You can see he says this by reading the previous paragraph. He said in an intellectual way that having an altruist lifestyle that you will be a worse man than  you were before because you  Mainly he wants to address the effect of having a non relation with others; that relation is this: instead of integrating with people and come together with them, you brush them off or draw them away from you like a billiard ball to the eight ball. You could see that he means this by using his preceding sentence. Also when you are a hard or soft person the tone and emphasis it brings upon you can connect to this as well. If you are a soft person you will integrate with society well unless certain people take advantage of your softness. He also thinks that if you’re not an altruist that you’ll be apart of the stream of life by being selfish since this will increase your lack of integration with the unconscious and conscious mind due to you having too much integration with society. If you’re hard you will be like the billiard ball, a person who’s hard and has no charisma or barely any whatsoever.  He also refers to how altruists go through life by meeting people and then leave them; an example is a civilian saving a soldier from a  burning building, you save them, take them to wherever they need to need to go and leave them. This is similar to a billiard ball but even in billiards the ball helps the others go in the hole that it wants to go in. This is why this is an ineffective statement because being an altruist not only makes you a better person but can make you a happier person as well.


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